Product Reviews

I’m someone that firmly believes in word of mouth and recommendations when making product purchases. I trust friends and family when they say something does or doesn’t work or if their kids love or hate a toy and it definitely sways my decision on purchasing an item.

I also try to provide feedback on products sites as much as possible but I’m not sure how much people believe what’s written there (I’ve heard some companies pay (via $ or product) to write good reviews.)  I figured since I have this blog anyway to talk about essential oils, I may as well expand it and write honest reviews here.

Lastly, I 100% will purchase again and/or pay more for products or services if the company’s customer service is good.  I’ve had SO many experiences where I’ve paid a lot of money for a product only to have it break quickly and the customer service was horrible.  And believe me, that will be reviewed here too!

*I don’t get paid or sponsored (at this point) for any of the products reviews I write.  If I share my review with the company and they do provide something, I will be sure to come back and update the post.