Toy Review: TeenyMates

Product(s): TeenyMates (NHL and NFL)
Manufacturer: Party Animal
Phone #: 800-456-4415

Overall Grade: A+ (their customer service is AWESOME!!!!)

Kid Review:  2 thumbs up

This review is for multiple products in the TeenyMates product line:
• TeenyMates
• Lil’ Teammates
• TeenyMates Big Sip

TeenyMates (age 4+):
teenymatesLet me preface that our kids were 2 and 3 years old when we first purchased these which I would say is too young for these toys since they are only an inch tall and the perfect size for little mouths. Our kids were not known to put them things in their mouths so it was not an issue for us but if you child does, you should wait until the suggested age on the packaging of 4+.

We first started off getting the blind bags of NHL and NFL guys for our boys and they LOVED them. Again, only being 2 and 3, they just liked lining them up and carrying them around (perfect size for their little hands). We just always made sure to watch them while they were playing with the TeenyMates to make sure they didn’t put them in their mouths! They were lucky that they didn’t get too many repeats but they weren’t getting the teams they liked either. So, we ended up purchasing the complete set of NHL and NFL players as gifts for Christmas. Even though we’ll have multiples, they are easy to lose/misplace since they are so small, so it’s good to have extras!

The quality and detail is great for how little the guys are and there aren’t any loose parts to break off or lose. After playing with them for a significant amount of time, the letting/paint didn’t seem to rub off. Our only complaint is the one logo on a NHL guy (in the complete set) looked faded and hard to read (and it was the team my kids like). Before we even opened the packaging, I wrote to the customer service and let them know the issue. This is where their A+ rating comes in…customer service! The representative (Beth) responded quickly and offered to send me a replacement guy immediately. I received the package a few days later (for no charge) and she actually sent two guys (same team, different poses)! She included her business card with a hand written note which was a nice, personal touch. I actually followed up with her regarding an issue we had with the Big Sip (I’ll discuss later) and she was just a courteous and responsive and went above and beyond my expectations. I can’t say enough for their customer service!
• They are small so easy to misplace

• Durable – don’t show wear after significant amount of play
• Provide hours of fun!
• Makes my kids happy!

Lil’ Teammates (age 4+):
oilers-lil-teammateWe purchased these right after we bought the kids their first teenymates since these were bigger. Again, the boys were only 2 and 3 and I was worried the teenymates were too little for them but they loved them. We found these and bought one for each of them and they loved them too. They are nice because they are larger than the teenymates and the head turns but none of the parts can be removed so there is no concern about losing pieces. The boys definitely play with these and tend to bring them in the car more often than the teenymates but I still find they play with the teenymates more (most likely because they have more of them). Also, same as the teenymates, we haven’t noticed the color rubbing off after a lot play so the quality is good. No complaints!
• None

• Durable – don’t show wear after significant amount of play
• Approximately 3 inches tall so good for smaller kids (my 2 and 3 year old love them)
• Easily fits into your purse for when your kids needs ‘distraction’ when you are out and about!

TeenyMates Big Sip (age: 4+):

dolphins-big-sipWe were vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC and went into a sports store and saw these ADORABLE ‘cups’ and just had to purchase our NFL favorite teams. I can’t say these are the most practical drinking cups because they have little nooks and crannies where the liquid go so we only let our kids put water in them for easier cleaning. They are BPA-free and hold 16 oz. They do have a straw and stop-cap but the cap does fall off easily. There a few issues with these but nothing major that would stop me from giving them to someone as a gift or buying NHL ones (if they made them).

• They are difficult to dry (back to the nooks and crannies) and why I only use water in them. My kids are young I know if put milk in them and they let them sit a little too long…as kids do…they would be hard to clean.
• The cap comes off easily and is easy to misplace.
• The head screws on and off and the liquid goes in the body. The head is akward to screw on and it just keeps turning and doesn’t get tight. My kids have thought they screwed it on only to pick it and take to take a drink and it ends up spilling (another reason I only use water in it)

• They are adorable!
• Perfect to use on game day!
• Definitely a conversation piece!

**These were purchased on our own and were not provided by the manufacturer.  This is not a sponsored post and I don’t receive any compensation for my reviews.  These are just my thoughts to pass along to you…for information only :)!